Are you on the right path?

Most teens reach the point in their lives where they either have everything figured out, some are still wondering what to do, and others haven’t even thought about their future. If were being honest  not having plan for your future can possibly get you no where in life. Are there any teens that have thought over this before? Do you need guidance to help you with figuring out your plans? What is it? I think it’s really important because I don’t want any teens Left clueless after there high school graduation, graduate with a good path. Itll make you happy in the end.

First time bloggers

When I first decided I should start a blog I really believed that it would be an easy task. Then I signed up and started my blog and it hasn’t been going that great. I guess I thought everything would come straight to me but no it takes time, patience, confidence and courage. To have started off being a popular blog would’ve been great but it doesn’t work that way. Ill get there soon, so no worries.

Trends: Palazzo Pants

This needs more likes! The pants look amazing, I want and need those in my closet.

Many women have a love and hate relationship with palazzo pants because they look intimidating. Palazzo pants look great on any body type because they elongate the  body and they balance out the hips. They can go from day to night or from work to play. They first became popular when Coco Chanel introduced trousers for women in the 1930’s and they became the itstatement piece in the 1960’s and 1970’s. They are easy to wear,  just have fun and be creative.


Muchas mujeres tienen una relación de amor y odio con pantalones estilo palazzo porque se ven intimidantes. Los pantalones palazzo se ven bien en cualquier tipo de cuerpo, ya que alargan el cuerpo y equilibran las caderas. Los puedes llevar en el día o de noche. Los pantalones estilo palazzo comenzaron a popularizarse cuando Coco Chanel introdujo  los pantalones en la década de 1930 y se convirtieron en  una pieza de…

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